OmniAGV solutions were developed in the context of the OmniAGV 4.0 Project, co-financed by the Innonetwork tender notice of Regione Puglia. It involved some of the best Apulian technical-scientific excellence, including Code Architects Automation srl, Tecnologie Diesel SpA (Bosch group), Polytechnic of Bari, University of Salento, CNR, Prospettive Hi-Tech srl and Cetma, as consultants.

The goal of the project was the development and testing of a new generation of intelligent vehicles, used for logistics transportation, capable of interacting and integrating harmoniously with pre-existing industrial plants and processes, without requiring invasive modifications.

The Bosch factory in Modugno was the experimental cradle of the project. The processes in place involve semi-finished production/assembly parts, arranged in a trolley weighing a total of about 500 kilograms, standing in FiFo lanes waiting to be picked up by an operator and hooked up to a human-guided train (Milkrun), which will take them to the next step in the process. This logistic solution is definitely rigid, as it is based on pre-enstablished and periodic routes, invariant schedules and stops.

OmniAGV, on the other hand, will enable extremely flexible logistics, making on-demand deliveries and ensuring H24 work continuity identifiable by zero downtime, while also relieving operators of burdensome and repetitive tasks. A decisive increase in the efficiency of material supply is estimated, which will also lead to an improvement in the well-being and ergonomics of operators.