The Aptius wheel was developed under the incentive to adequately comply with the strict target characteristics of OmniAGV; specifically, the omnidirectionality, the high load-bearing capacity, the reduced size in height and the improved kinematic performance perfectly match the needs of OmniAGV.


The patent

The Aptius modular omnidirectional wheel, conceived by Ilario De Vincenzo and patented (WO 2021/116847) by Code Architects Automation, was born as an evolution of the Mecanum wheel, designed by Bengt Ilon in 1973.

This type of wheel is characterized by a fixed axis of rotation and idler rollers, circumferentially arranged and inclined at 45° to the wheel axis. By providing each wheel with a specific angular speed of rotation, it is possible to obtain any act of plane motion of the vehicle.

The potential of the Aptius omnidirectional wheel in comparison with the Mecanum wheel is bivalent: for the same diameter it supports significantly heavier loads, for the same load it has significantly smaller footprint.


Patent title:
Modular Omnidirectional wheel

International Publication number:
WO 2021/116847 A1

Storage type:
WIPO -international patent

Technology class:
B60B 19/00 (2006.01)

Ilario De Vincenzo,
Davide Giuseppe Mannone,
Rocco Nicola Lombardi

Code Architects Automation s.r.l.