Maximum agility and precision

OmniAGV is an innovative intelligent omnidirectional vehicle, capable of autonomously managing the company logistics of an industrial plant, moving heavily loaded and small-sized trolleys with precision and agility.

1 m/s

Max speed

4 h



Best ratio between the transported load and the volume of the vehicle

OmniAGV is a concentrate of original technical solutions that make it the vehicle with the highest transported load – vehicle volume ratio in the world.


199 mm


402 mm


1514 mm


Strategy of transport

The handling strategy requires the vehicle to slip under a trolley, lift it off the ground and transport it to its destination within the facility safely.

500 kg

Load capacity

60 mm




The layout of the machine is divided into compartments, volumetrically clearly identifiable, each independent from the others from the point of view of assembly and maintainability.

The chassis (skate frame), optimized to be light but sturdy, captures the elongated form factor of the vehicle, giving precious volume of the side compartments to the batteries and electronic components.

The lifting system consists of two independent lifters. The trolley is gripped at four turrets, suitably shaped to come into contact with the bottom of the trolley and at the same time stabilize it during transport operations.

The vehicle is propelled by means of two identical transmission blocks, positioned front and rear of the vehicle. The single transmission block is composed of two overlapping gearmotors, each one driving its own omnidirectional wheel.


Vehicle battery and sensors

It contains the brain of OmniAGV, that is, the electronic management components of the vehicle.

The battery, made using lithium-ion technology, is specifically designed to optimize its charging capacity (30 Ah). It is equipped with a self-aligning connector coupling system, which facilitates and speeds up manual or automatic replacement operations. An electrical contact restraint system ensures that the vehicle’s power supply is preserved even with floor disconnections.

Arranged on the 4 corners of the vehicle, they allow factory operators to interact with it and transmit simple commands such as stops or movements in predefined directions.

Through different colors and light effects they communicate the process in which the vehicle is involved: direction of movement, planned changes of direction, overtaking, movement in reduced speed areas, navigation to the charging station, etc.

The front (nose) and rear (tail) chassis of OmniAGV form the housing of the sensors capable of making the vehicle intelligent.

Intelligent obstacle detection

Obstacle detection using optical sensors

A pair of safety laser scanners, arranged in the front compartments of the vehicle, together with ultrasonic sensors, housed in the side compartments, monitor the perimeter of the vehicle with trolley on board at 360°, providing navigation inputs.

Obstacle recognition using intelligent cameras

Intelligent stereo-cameras, arranged front and rear of the car, reconstruct the three-dimensional environment that surrounds the vehicle. Using artificial intelligence algorithms based on trained neural networks, they recognize and classify objects, people, vehicles, human movements and gestures, traffic and danger signals.

Smart behavior

This information is translated into adaptive vehicle behaviors, such as stops, slowdowns, precedence, as desired and prescribed by the establishment rules, which allow the machine to avoid obstacles, modulate speed according to proximity to them and dynamically reschedule navigation trajectories.